Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Wholesale accounts are available for Pet Stores, Vet Clinics, Dog Trainers, Registered Rescue Groups and Sole Traders within Australia who have a current ABN number.

Dexil, FriendlyDogCollars and FDC are all part of the same company under the Dexil Limited name. The Australian distribution rights for Friendly Dog Collars Australia is owned and managed by Jenny Parker. Stockist can sell in store ONLY.

Stockists are NOT permitted sell online via online stores designed purely for the sale of FDC products, Ebay, Facebook stores, etc unless prior permission is granted by Jenny Parker.

A stockist is however, permitted to sell Friendly Dog Collars online as an additional product under an existing business name not related to Friendly Dog Collars.

All Dexil/FDC products must have the Disclaimer on them (currently printed on the packaging), otherwise sellers could be subject to liability for any misuse of these products by the public. Items should not be removed from their packaging until after sale. 

All Dexil/FDC products are Patented, Intellectual Property, registered, Copyrighted & Trademarked under the Dexil name. Please inform Dexil/FDC offices if any copies or similar products are seen so that they can be dealt with correctly.

No Dexil, FDC or FriendlyDogCollars domain names, business names or online profiles are to be used in any way. 

Stockists are permitted to buy wholesale and sell retail ONLY. You are not permitted to wholesale to a third party.

Any & all advertising costs will be at the Stockists own expense if they choose to advertise.

Resellers are not permitted to sell these products outside Australia.

All marketing and promotional material MUST have the FDC logo on it, whether it be digital or print. Stockists are not permitted to represent the product in any media interview or story, expo or trade show unless previously given permission. All Stockists MUST have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and be registered for GST All Stockists recognize that “Friendly Dog Collars Australia” has sole distribution rights given to by Dexil Limited for Australia.

Anyone found selling these products without permission, may be prosecuted or have their account canceled. Stockists may not purchase products wholesale on behalf of any other person, business or company to resell.

All Stockists agree to use Promotional & Marketing Material supplied by Friendly Dog Collars Australia. Any additional material or created media (online or print) must be approved first.

Our marketing material must not be altered. It is preferred that all use the same material to instill confidence in buyers and retailers that we are all selling the same product.

Stockists may ONLY use Social Networking platforms that are associated with the wholesale business name in which the account is held to promote the benefits of these products, but not at the expense of another Stockist, commenting on other posts will not be tolerated Anyone found not selling competitively may have they account cancelled according to ACCC guidelines.

Shipping FDC products to clients will be the Stockists responsibility. Any damage or loss of item will be the Stockists responsibility to replace. However, any faulty products (if any) must be returned to us & replacements will be sent out.

Please respect the products and Dexil Limited’s ambition.

Please comply with any changes that are made and any alterations that are asked of you or your online pages or websites with the products on. Friendly Dog Collars retains the right to update terms and conditions at any time without warning

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